Cumbersome clock

Expect confusion from this clunky program.

Employee Project Clock is a basic program that allows users to track time spent on particular projects and tasks. The program does a decent job of allowing employees to track their work activities, but it's far from perfect.

The program's interface is basic, consisting of a slender module full of drop-down menus. To start, users add employees, clients, projects, and tasks to the database. To clock in, users select their name, the project they'll be working on, and other relevant details, and clock in and out with a button. This aspect of the program is pretty simple. We liked the program's report viewer, which creates a variety of reports by employee, task, and project. The program's Help file is brief but addresses its major functions. The thing we liked least about the program is really a function of its simple interface: with each user being listed in the drop-down menu, there's a tremendous likelihood that a user will inadvertently select the wrong name when clocking in. Similarly, we didn't like that once a user clocks in, his or her log-in information remains on the screen until another user comes along to clock in or out. Users can set the program's security options so that users have to log in with a password in order to use the time clock, which largely solves this problem, but, on the whole, we found the program to be a bit clunky and annoying.

Employee Project Clock has a 30-day trial period. It installs and uninstalls without issues.

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