Uninteresting agriculture

Do all the boring work of the farm with little in the way of rewards.

We certainly think that gardening and farming can be a worthwhile endeavor in real life. Farm Mania, however, seems to emphasize the drudgery of farming, the repetitive, tedious chores. Although it's well designed, we found the game to be downright boring.

We've played other games from SpinTop and have typically found them to contain quality graphics, and Farm Mania is no exception. The characters are cartoons with a limited range of motion, but for the most part the program looks good. The premise of Farm Mania is that Anna has gone to help her grandfather on his failing farm. With Grandpa's help, Anna must raise a variety of produce and livestock and sell it for a profit. This involves a lot of chores, such as planting, feeding, watering, weeding, and shooing away pesky rabbits. Unfortunately for the player, this results in a lot of uninteresting mouse-clicking. Click on the well so that Grandpa will draw a bucket of water. Then click on the bucket so that Anna will get it and take it back to the cabbage. Click on the pumpkin so Anna can weed it. Click on the well again so Grandpa can get some more water. On and on. Anna does eventually get to sell the farm's produce, but we found that by that point we just didn't care. Maybe it's just us, but we didn't find much in Farm Mania to keep us interested.

Farm Mania has a 60-minute trial period. It installs desktop icons without asking but uninstalls cleanly. We recommend this program with reservations; we found it boring, but other users may disagree.

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