Simple slideshow creator

Make attractive multimedia slideshows with this intuitive program.

Presentation Wizard is a versatile program that allows users to create executable multimedia slideshows. Although we like the simplicity of its design, we do wish that the instructions were a little briefer.

The program's interface is uncluttered, with a small handful of buttons and menus. For the most part, the program is intuitive, and it's not hard to get started even without reading the instructions. However, users who don't read the instructions are likely to miss some important features, such as options for customizing backgrounds and other characteristics throughout the slideshow. And that can be a bit of a problem. We think that this may be the first time that we've complained about the length of a program's user manual. Although it's quite well-written and funny, after a while we got tired of wading through paragraph after paragraph and wished for a numbered list of steps with some screenshot examples. The program is actually quite easy to use, but the extensive and wordy Help file needlessly complicates it. Once we started experimenting on our own we found it easy to create new slides and insert images, text, and other media. Slideshows are easily saved as executable files that can be played independently, and the finished product is professional-looking and attractive. Overall, we liked that the program was both easy to use and flexible; we just wish that the documentation was a little more to the point.

Presentation Wizard is free to try. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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