Portable app manager

Turn a Flash drive into a pocket PC.

Every now and again, a free utility or application stands out from the crowd. CodySafe from Codyssey is just such a tool. It's a portable application that is a menu utility for other portable applications. From CodySafe, you can download, launch, and manage a wide range of portable applications, everything from simple multimedia players and editors to a comprehensive "Swiss Army" suite of system management tools that would be perfect for on-call techs and others who have to fix things on the fly. Codyssey claims you can use it to turn a USB flash drive into a "computer-on-a-stick," but CodySafe will work with virtually any removable device, and of course it works fine on your PC, too. CodySafe keeps your portable apps safe and accessible, no matter where you use them.

CodySafe is easy to use. From its small interface, you can manage your stored files, including pictures, video, music, and data. A click opens the Codyssey Portable Applications Web site, where you can download a wide range of compact utilities of all sorts. We tested RadioSure, a portable Internet radio player with more than 12,000 preset stations: one click to download the app on one PC; another to open it and play music on another PC. There are too many interesting apps to describe at Codyssey's site, but you can download still more utilities at PortableApps.com, Pendriveapps.com, and PortableFreeware.com.

CodySafe is handy, unique, fun, and free. It opens the door to a world of compact, portable, and efficient applications, and we recommend it.

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