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Ceek Software's TopSales Professional is a sales automation tool designed to facilitate communication between online marketers and clients, customers, suppliers, and other contacts. Its goal is to enhance online sales productivity by automating many of the tasks involved in Internet marketing, such as daily contact management, e-mail autoresponse, and other details that can help you build long-term business relationships. It enhances collaboration by keeping sales teams in touch, and its contacts management features are exportable to programs like Windows Mobile, a plus for business travelers and the growing number of business people who rely on handheld devices. In fact, one of the things we really like about TopSales is its complete portability; for instance, it can be installed on USB Flash drives.

TopSales Pro has an attractive toolbar, and the program interface is a businesslike dialog that strikes a fairly typical balance between legibility and detail. You can add a lot of information to each contact record, for instance, but it crowds the interface and manages to make it both drab and bit overwhelming at the same time. Using it feels a bit like work, which of course it is, but it doesn't have to look like a chore. The online tutorials and demos are clear and helpful, though.

New releases of TopSales Pro included various enhancements, such as sales analysis by area and value and improved reporting and printing options. It's free to try and costs $149 to buy. It's Vista certified. It leaves folders behind after uninstalling.

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