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The key to attracting traffic to your Web site is a high ranking by the major search engines, which deliver more hits than any other means. Attracting the attention of search sites usually means paying a consultant or other outside expert for the service. Fortunately, there's a less expensive option: SEO Administrator by FlamingoSoft. It can help get your Web site noticed. It's a search engine optimization (SEO) package that provides all the tools you need to optimize your Web site for maximum visibility and traffic. Its ranking monitoring tool checks major search engines and displays the most recent rank values. The link popularity feature checks for external links to your site that search engines can see, while a site indexing tool shows how your Web site's pages are indexed by search sites. A wide range of analysis tools dissects everything from Web log files to html page content. There's even a keyword suggestion tool.

SEO Administrator's main interface is unusual but functional, just a grid of squares listing the program's 12 main utilities. Clicking on any one quickly opens the utility, an arrangement that only loads the tools you need, conserving system resources. Each utility opens with a plain dialog box with its functions clearly laid out in about as intuitive a manner as the highly specific functionality allows.

SEO Administrator is free to try for 60 days but costs $129, which could be less than a Web consultant's fee. It downloads and installs cleanly but leaves behind folders when uninstalled. It's certified for Windows Vista.

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