Organized? Totally

Totally organize your busy life with this handy PIM.

Personal Information Managers are among the most useful kinds of software available. They can bring order to chaotic lives or help even the most organized among us wring extra time out of their busy schedules. Total Organizer is a free PIM from Konrad Papula that has some features that set it apart from the crowded PIM scene, chief among them its tree view method of organizing your tasks into folders, called "tags." These tags can belong to any number of other folders simultaneously, and it's all cross-referenced for easy searching and task conversion.

Like most PIMs, Total Organizer pays close attention to the user interface, which is similar to many other PIMs in layout and function. One unique feature we liked is the SmartBox, as small dialog that lets you quickly enter tasks and perform other functions. Programmable Global Hot keys are active even when Total Organizer isn't visible; another useful touch. A List view gives a quick summary of what's on your plate. There is also the obligatory Notes feature. An Import/Export feature handles both Contacts and entire Total Organizer documents.

The truly lazy know that the difference between sweet indolence and mere avoidance is organization, the key to paving over life's potholes. Using a PIM can help you TCB (take care of business). Total Organizer is free, so there's no excuse for letting chaos reign. A Pro version adds password protection, automatic associations, the ability to attach images and make voice recordings, and other extras, for $19.80.

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