Rudimentary compatibility tester

Use numerology to check a couple's compatibility.

MB Numerology Compatibility Software is a simple piece of freeware that uses the principles of numerology to assess the compatibility of a couple. The user enters the full names and birthdays of both partners, and the software generates a few reports on how compatible they are.

The interface is extremely basic, and offers no graphics and an outdated, late '90s feel. Users can choose to get a report on "Destiny Compatability" or "LifePath Compatibility" (although there's no explanation of the difference), or a "Comprehensive Reading" that is simply a combination of the other two. "Comprehensive" in this case amounts to about six sentences in total, some of which are too vague to be of any help at all. There's nothing else here, apart from some ads and requests to donate or register.

It's annoying that such a simplistic application installs desktop icons without permission, and won't uninstall cleanly (a folder is left in the Program Files); but the most aggravating aspect of this program is all the untapped potential. Users looking for a quick compatibility test might find this a good tool, but most will probably feel a little disappointed.

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