Smarty lens

Camera Genius' additional tools certainly gives the iPhone added picture-taking flexibility.

What will ninety-nice cents get you? A handful of camera enhancements stuffed inside the Camera Genius app. While the digital zoom was hit and miss in our tests, there's much to like in this "genius," even if you pack an iPhone 3GS that already comes with digital zooming in its updated 3 megapixel camera.

An antishaking feature stalls the image until your hands quell the jitters. You can turn on guides to lay down ruled lines in any number of configurations, which can help you angle your shot. A timer makes taking group photos possible--assuming you've got a steady perch for that phone. A new burst feature is supposed to take three shots in quick succession--but for some reason the camera often only took two shots before quitting. There's also an optional time stamp, a feature that turns the entire screen into a shutter, and a button to snap a picture at the sound of your voice--or someone else's.

We like that you can run multiple tools concurrently. Camera Genius certainly gives the iPhone added picture-taking flexibility. Now we just need more megapixels.

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