Fun spin on a classic game

Check into this enchanting hotel for hours of solitaire fun.

Hotel Solitaire is a fun twist on the classic card game that gives users a variety of different games that can be unlocked only one at a time. The game's creative setup ensures hours of fun as users advance through the various levels.

The premise of Hotel Solitaire is that each game is contained in a hotel room, with five rooms on each of 20 floors. Users must complete all the games on a given floor in order to advance to the next one, gradually ascending to the top. Users also unlock games in the casino as they proceed, which can be visited at any time. There are five different room colors, each of which contains a different style of solitaire, and at first this worried us a bit; we grew up playing standard solitaire and have never acquainted ourselves with its more exotic permutations. However, each type of solitaire is clearly explained, and we found all of them to be both fun and challenging. Situating each card game within the greater challenge of advancing through the hotel proves to be a great way to enliven this basic game.

The program's interface is a cute, cartoon-style rendering of a hotel, complete with elevator buttons that light up as each floor becomes accessible. Slightly creepy bellboy notwithstanding, it was fun to look at and navigate. Overall, we found Hotel Solitaire to be a delightful variation on an old game that's suitable for both kids and adults. Hotel Solitaire has a 60-minute trial period. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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