Unimpressive resume software

Edit your resume with this program, or save time and do it yourself.

Intelli Custom Resumes Express Edition bills itself as a way to keep track of work experience and build custom resumes specific to each job application. Although we like this idea in theory, in practice it's not very impressive.

The program's interface is not particularly attractive, but with well-labeled buttons, it's easy enough to use. Users first copy and paste their existing resume into the program. It displays the resume with a checkbox next to each line, and users simply uncheck the lines that they don't want to include in the custom resume. Once users have deselected the items they don't want to include and inserted any extra information, the program generates the custom resume, which can then be copied and pasted into the desired destination. This isn't a bad idea for users who have had a variety of different types of work experience and who want to emphasize or downplay certain aspects when applying to a particular position. Ultimately, though, we found ourselves asking, "So what?" Is this really any different from what we do in Word every time we apply for a job? Can't we just as easily highlight and delete unwanted information on our own? We're not sure Intelli Custom Resumes Express Edition's limited features are worth downloading a whole program for. The built-in Help file is brief but adequate.

Intelli Custom Resumes Express Edition is free. It comes as a zip file but installs and uninstalls without issues.

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