Car cost cutter

Save money by tracking what you spend on your car, truck, or motorbike.

For many, their car is second only to house payments as their biggest expense. Add in "extras" like fuel, maintenance, and insurance, and the car sometimes edges ahead. Most car owners know they'd probably save money if they paid closer attention to where it was all going. The aptly named Reduce Car Costs helps you organize and track your vehicular expenditures so you can throttle back on the cash flow. It'll show you just what you're spending your money on, and when, where, and how, too, so that you can see where you can cut back, what to budget for, and whether you're getting all the performance and mileage you should be from your car, truck, or motorbike. When it's time to shop for a new car, Reduce Car Costs will compare your choices with performance figures.

The program's interface features a clean, businesslike layout with colorful 3D graphics that liven up the look. Tabs simplify access to major features like Car Costs, Gas Station, and Consumption. It's easy to centralize your car finance, insurance, fuel, and maintenance expenses. Under the Gas Stations tab, you can enter local gas prices and it'll pick the station that saves you the most time and money. It also has tips on reducing daily driving expenses, maintenance, and more.

Reduce Car Costs from AB-Tools is free to try for 14 days but costs only $22.08, which it can save you in no time. It's ready to go with Windows 7, too.

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