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Calculate your billable hours and expenses with this smart program.

Timeless Time and Expense provides a simple tool for managing the complicated world of client billing. With helpful tools to help you organize and calculate expenses, this is a fantastic tool for those who make their living on billable hours.

The program's interface was impressively simple, considering the complex work it handled. We didn't need to visit the Help file's instructions because the onscreen direction was intuitive enough to keep us on track and quickly billing. We were able to divide our time between clients and projects by creating a simple file tree display. Beginning and ending our time clock was handled with a single button that did all the calculating for us. We were impressed at how the program automatically stopped billing one project and started timing the next when we started a new job. At the end of our day, we were able to run simple reports that outlined all our clients, what projects we worked on, and how much time was spent on each. In addition, the program smartly included a to-do reminder feature. This tool was similar to Microsoft Outlook's calendar system, and it did a fine job of reminding us of upcoming projects and deadlines. From its simple operation to its extensive project coverage, Timeless Time and Expense was a flawless tool for monitoring expenses.

Timeless Time and Expense has a 30-day trial period. Its intuitive layout and fantastic ability to calculate billable hours make us highly recommend this program.

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