Gardening simulation game

Keep your garden up with this challenging game.

Alice Greenfingers 2 from Arcade Labs offers a challenging garden simulation in which players plant, grow, sell, and manage everything on the farm. While that may sound about as exciting as watching the grass grow, this fast-paced game is actually a fun test of wits.

The program's interface delighted us from the get-go: first, with its attractive, professional cartoon graphics, and second, with its helpful onscreen tutorials. We were able to learn while we played, and we never needed to consult the Help file to manage our crops. Playing as Alice, we were given a plot of land. Alice had to manage everything from buying supplies to planting and watering crops to selling them at the market. All action was controlled with our mouse, and the game fast became a challenge as we juggled all our farm responsibilities in time to keep our necks above water. Unexpected challenges like poor weather kept popping up to keep us on our toes and constantly at work in the garden. The program's finest feature was the daily rewards ceremony it performs after you complete a task like planting and selling peppers. These rewards allow you to expand your land or upgrade your equipment for free.

Alice Greenfingers 2 has a 60-minute trial period. While gardening sounds like a tame video game idea, it was a challenge to our efficiency and wits that was instantly addictive. Its intuitive gameplay and constant challenges turned gardening into a nail-biting game, and we highly recommend it.

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