Effective photo editor

Touch up photos with this familiar-feeling software.

Photo Pos Lite provides many of the same tools for photo editing and retouching that other programs do. However, this program nudges slightly ahead of similar competition with its layout.

We found this program's interface to be its strongest suit. Not that its other elements were flat, but its command icons, display of the image, and control of editing tools felt as if they came from a high-dollar professional program. We were impressed from the start. The rest of the program was fairly standard and was reliable for manipulating shots. We were able to apply filters and adjust the color and tone of our images, as well as insert shapes, words, and paintbrush strokes. These functions worked fine but didn't differentiate Photo Pos Lite from other editing programs. Where it shined was in little interface touches that were sprinkled throughout the software, like Before and After screens that appear when moving the Tint slide bar. We'd never experienced such thoughtful design in other editors. The program offered some other helpful features, such as a resizing option and a professional quality histogram, but, again, these features didn't do more than impersonate other programs. While Photo Pos Lite isn't a flashy program, its little touches give it a small but clear advantage over other photo editors.

Photo Pos Lite comes with a 30-day trial limit. It installs desktop icons without permission and leaves folders after uninstall. While its functions are standard, the little touches in the interface make this a program worth recommending.

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