Lottery picking helper

Discover trends and track your picks with the local lottery.

Lotto Pro 2009 provides the tools and charts you need to uncover lottery trends and monitor your picks. While its layout is overwhelming, its capability to dissect the lotto makes it worthwhile.

We were initially worried about this program, since its interface consisted of several cluttered buttons and a seemingly random scattering of numbers. Fortunately, a visit to the Help file's instructions and some experimenting showed us that everything had its place and offered some impressive assistance. The first thing that wowed us was its capability to pull up results for any lottery drawing in the United States and Canada. Once we selected a specific drawing, we used its many tools such as charts showing hot and cold numbers, repeating numbers, hit sequences, and many more in-depth functions. While nothing gave us predictions for the next drawing, the information provided an idea of what might work based on past trends. The program also surprised us with its ticket-tracking features. We could enter in our lotto numbers for specific drawings and the program, which updated regularly, would tell us if we hit on any of them, saving us from having to look it up. While the layout could have been smoothed out, this program's inventive tools and features made lotto picking seem more scientific and fun.

Lotto Pro 2009 comes with a 15-day trial. It installs desktop icons without permission. While its interface was rough, its lotto detailing functions and features make this a recommended program.

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