Interesting time monitor

Keep an eye on your time with this simple work-tracking program.

Smart WorkTime Tracker provides a unique twist on the traditional billable hours tracking software. Its simplicity and accuracy make this a great tool for those who need to track the time spent on a project.

The program's interface was surprisingly simple to operate. We were able to easily navigate through its few intuitive commands without having to divert to the Help file's tutorial. This kept our interaction with the program to a minimum so we could focus on work. The program really set itself apart from other time-tracking software because it could be set to automatically track time from the opening of a specific program, such as Microsoft Excel. The typical time tracker we've tested simply acts as a manual stopwatch. We set up several different programs whose times were each tallied separately. In every instance, the Smart WorkTime's report of the time we spent was accurate, and we felt comfortable trusting it to monitor our work. Its activity breakdown feature reports actual time spent on a program and average time spent working, which was impressive. However, we were disappointed that there is apparently no way to print off these reports, which could be an issue for those who turn in statements for billing purposes. Overall, this program's thoughtful take on time-tracking software made it an exciting, accurate business tool.

Smart WorkTime Tracker comes with a 15-day trial limit. It comes as a compressed file. We found few flaws with this innovative time monitoring system, and we recommend it.

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