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Create your own slideshow presentations with this program.

Ashampoo Presentations 2008 provides all the necessary tools to create a PowerPoint-like slideshow. Its simple controls mimic the more popular program all the way down to its surprising feature.

Since we had previously created slideshows with Microsoft's PowerPoint, Ashampoo's interface felt instantly familiar. Most of the controls are in similar locations, and they perform every action that PowerPoint does. We quickly created a series of slides that incorporated text, images, sounds, and shapes, and we combined them in a customized slideshow in a matter of minutes. Ashampoo delivered a professional-looking multimedia presentation. Just like in PowerPoint, we were able to create transitions and apply a series of colorful and professional design templates, or create our own. We were impressed with the program's ability to impersonate PowerPoint. The program didn't improve or add any new functionality over the other slideshow program, but we didn't mind since it was such a smooth clone. The program's best feature even let us save our show as a PowerPoint file so it could be played on another computer with that program. While Ashampoo won't surpass its popular PowerPoint competition, it did a great job of imitating it. It makes a great option for users who don't have PowerPoint.

Ashampoo Presentation 2008 comes with a 30-day trial. Its ability to mimic PowerPoint and even save your work as a PowerPoint file makes this a great program that we highly recommend.

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