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Explore the world of this role-playing game.

Space Exploration: Serpens Sector is a role-playing game that offers the opportunity to be a space commander. It has excellent graphics and impressive challenges, and is a fun game for players of any skill level.

The program's interface instantly wowed us with its professional graphic design, which was of the quality of a premium, packaged game. Another standout was the helpful tutorial, which interactively walked us through all the commands we needed to know to play the game. We constantly encountered adventures as we piloted our spaceship into the unexplored regions of space. These adventures were usually text-based and often required us to make a series of difficult moral decisions, such as whether to be peaceful explorers or violent ones. Most fascinating was the way in which each decision added to the storyline, which meant we could have played many times and never experienced the same game twice. There are little missions and games within each adventure, such as a chess-match-like battle with other starships. Special features were pretty low but included the ability to customize our name and the length of the game. We were not fans of role-playing games before we tested this software, but we quickly grew to enjoy it, and we feel it would be a great match for users of all skill levels.

Space Exploration: Serpens Sector is freeware. It comes as a compressed file. Its fantastic graphics and mentally challenging game lead us to recommend this program.

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