Screen recorder

Capture more than a screenshot with this interesting tool.

ZD Recorder provides a neat tool for capturing movement and just about anything else that can be displayed on a computer screen.

Its interface was shockingly plain, which led us to the User's Manual almost instantly. Fortunately, its no-frills layout made recording our actions onscreen very simple. Like running a video camera, there's a dotted square that captures all the action within its boundaries. By operating a series of Play, Stop, and Record buttons, similar to a typical remote control, we easily captured all our actions opening and operating a program. This function could have also been applied to video, but it seemed most helpful as a teaching tool for showing people how to run programs. We saved the video ZD Recorder created as an AVI file. It was instantly playable and easy to watch, too, since it looked just like our regular screen. ZD Recorder can also record sound from a microphone and loudspeakers simultaneously, which could be useful for narrating the action. While its layout could have been more professional, this program could be really handy to have around.

ZD Recorder has a 30-use trial limitation. It installs desktop icons without permission and leaves folders after uninstalling. It's simple and effective.

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