Bridge game simulation

Play and learn bridge with this exciting game.

Bridge Baron provides all the tools you need to enjoy the classic card game of contract bridge. The program's realism and teaching ability make for an excellent game of bridge for newcomers and old hands alike.

Bridge Baron's interface is simple and inviting, even to people whose bridge skills may be a little rusty. A navigable layout and excellent tutorials on the rules and specifics, such as convention practice, cover all the bases. From starting off bidding for the contract to unloading your deck and scoring against opponents, it does a fine job of mimicking real play. While the game isn't anything special from a graphics standpoint, the talent of the virtual opponents is more than good enough for beginners. However, experienced players might feel a bit bored with the routine game play, since the skill level isn't adjustable. Fortunately for those looking for a bigger challenge, you can create virtual bridge tournaments or even play other real players online via its simple tool to connect with other Bridge Baron users. The program also offers some basic features of card-game software, such as a deal library and a deal generator, which are good for polishing your bridge game, but not necessary.

We love that Bridge Baron performs a tough balancing act by being both a nice classroom for dummies and offering challenges for bridge fanatics. Bridge Baron has a three-day trial. It installs desktop icons without permission. With its appeal to new and old players alike, Bridge Baron takes the trick.

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