Basic accounting helper

Make accounting entries with this simple program.

Double Entry Accounting offers a very simple set of software tools for monitoring accounting entries. This journal-style program allows users to monitor the numbers, but it leaves something to be desired in the design department.

The program's interface was basic and lacking direction, so we needed to visit the Help file's instructions and view a sample accounting collection before we understood how to navigate everything well enough. Once we felt comfortable, we discovered that the program allowed us to make deposits and deductions into several categories we created in order to gain a solid picture of our accounts. Once each separate entry was entered, we were able to cycle through a very readable selection of ledgers, balances, and statement sheets. While all the numbers added up and the statements were easy enough to understand, they didn't flow effortlessly, and we found ourselves pausing before each move because the layout didn't intuitively link from entries to statements. Another complaint we had was how plain and unprofessional these statements looked. The ability to customize each with a header and maybe a logo would have gone a long way toward making Double Entry Accounting a really versatile tool. While there were some headaches, the program ultimately provided a simple method for monitoring finances.

Double Entry Accounting has a 50-entry trial limit. It comes as a compressed file. Althought it has a few design flaws, we were able to keep an eye on our accounts, and we still recommend this program.

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