Simple video converter

Change a video file to another format quickly and easily with this free converter.

Free Convert All Movie Video Converter Gold is a free utility that takes any video format and converts it to something that's easier to use. Its simple layout and fast results make this a great tool for frequent video watchers and those who need to make old videos viewable again.

The program's interface was surprisingly intuitive, with few commands and well-labeled icons. Considering that we're at the novice level when it comes to working with video, we were surprised that we didn't need to consult the Help file's instructions to successfully complete a transfer. The program allowed us to be as generic or precise as we required. We were able to simply select a video file, select a new file type, and convert it in a matter of seconds. However, Free Convert gives you more choices: the Options tabs let you format file size, frame rate, audio and video quality, and more. In every case, our videos were smoothly converted and reflected our changes. The program also has a very hip and fun feature that pulls videos directly off of YouTube and converts them into files you can save and play on your PC. Throughout the testing, we kept thinking what a handy tool this program would be for those using handheld video displays because files can be customized for specific viewers.

Free Convert All Movie Video Converter Gold is freeware. It leaves folders behind after uninstalling. Its simplicity and flexibility make this a recommended program.

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