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Create customized spreadsheets with this Excel add-on.

Spreadsheet Presenter is an add-on for customizing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. It contains tools designed to give your Excel spreadsheets more panache. It adds color, takes screenshots, and automates formatting tasks.

Spreadsheet Presenter appears in Excel as several small windows with tool bars that you can click on to access their full menus. You can select palettes of colors to use to color-code data columns of your spreadsheet or just to give it more visual appeal. You can also move and arrange the windows so that they don't get in the way of your data. The Copy and Save Selection option is a handy feature that lets you take screenshots of parts of your spreadsheet. You can save your screenshots as image files and export them later into PowerPoint presentations and other documents. There is an "Add Note" feature that inserts a yellow sticky note into your document, which is a handy way to convey information about a spreadsheet without obstructing the data contained in the sheet. Once your note is attached, you can click and drag it into position with your mouse. Spreadsheet Presenter's autoformatting options automate formatting processes such as font type, size, and colors.

This is a 15-day trial version of the software. There's a good Help file that explains all of the program's features and how to use them. Spreadsheet Presenter installs and uninstalls with no problems. This is a useful tool for creating spreadsheets with visual appeal or for speeding up the formatting process.

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