Yu-Gi-Oh lifepoints calculator

Calculate your Yu-Gi-Oh score while playing with Duelpro.

Duelpro 2009 is a simple life-points calculator program for tracking score and play with Yu-Gi-Oh cards, the popular collecting cards game based on the Japanese anime series "Yu-Gi-Oh." It's safe for all ages, which is good because Yu-Gi-Oh tends to be most popular with the younger set. Its simplicity ensures all ages can play it, though we were disappointed by some problems with its Help file.

The program's interface was a mixed bag. Its two-person calculator was simple enough to operate and keep up in real time during a game. However, we were unable to have our questions answered. We acknowledge that it may have been our system, but the Help file would not open, which made learning quite difficult for a newcomer like us. Fortunately, we caught up fast. We were able to track our score and an opponent's with a simple calculator. We were also able to add and subtract the number of cards we possessed. In addition, we easily tracked our turns, rolls, and coins with the onscreen tools. The program is light on features, but it smartly let us call a draw, kill an opponent, and even undo turns. Despite the Help file issue, Duelpro 2009 proved simple enough throughout that we could picture both kids and adults using it.

Duelpro 2009 is a free program. It installs desktop shortcuts without asking permission. While its Help file didn't operate for us, we found its other elements to be helpful for a Yu-Gi-Oh card game and so recommend this program.

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