Disappointing fantasy drafter

This basketball fantasy draft program doesn't make the cut.

FanDraft - Fantasy Basketball Draft Board provides all the tools for holding your own fantasy draft, but it falls short of the competition on several different levels.

We were initially very excited about this program, thanks to its professional-looking interface. We needed to visit the Help file's dictionary to understand all the various terms and elements, but we got on track after a few minutes. We got a good feeling from this program during setup, as it let us organize our teams, draft order, and even draft sounds via a helpful setup Wizard that eliminated any guesswork. Unfortunately, this was our last positive experience. During the actual draft, the list of players resembled a spreadsheet and didn't even list a player's team, let alone any statistics. This made having a smart choice almost impossible when we didn't instantly know who was who among the players. We've used draft software that did a better job than FanDraft of organizing players and that also included statistics for each player. These free online drafts were always associated with a league that also tracked statistics all season, which was another drawback of this program. While we enjoyed the features that let us customize everything from team logos to draft time, we just couldn't get over how poor the actual draft was.

FanDraft -- Fantasy Basketball Draft Board has a two-round trial limit. While its setup was perfect, users can find much better draft software if they look for it, and we do not recommend this program.

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