Astrological dictionary

Learn the meanings of numerology- and astrology-related words.

MB Astrology-Numerology Glossary is a simple dictionary of words related to numbers and the stars. Its basic format and plainspoken language ensure that all users will be able to follow along.

The program's interface didn't win any awards for beauty with us; however, it was highly functional. Its mostly blank screen featured a minimum of diversions, which was a positive. Fortunately, we didn't need its online Help file, which didn't provide much insight in any case, because we instantly understood all the commands and functions. The program has an alphabetical list of astrological and numerological terms that you can scroll through. With terms such as A5 Spectrum, Karma Yoni, and Zulu Time, the program intermingles astrological and numerological jargon, which we thought was slightly odd. Each word showcased its definition in layman's terms and did its best not to confuse newcomers. The program excelled with its Search feature, which allowed us to type in a word and jump to it, rather than cycle through the hundreds of terms available. This program wasn't stunning to look at, but its wealth of information made it fantastic.

MB Astrology-Numerology Glossary is a free program. It installs desktop icons without permission and leaves folders upon uninstall.

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