Virtual karma

Do your previous lives influence your current one?

MB Karmic Debt Number is a tool for discovering how the supposed indiscretions of previous lives may be playing into your life now. It's definitely describing a "new-age" alternative philosophy, and its simple layout and terminology make this more of a fun diversion than a serious tool.

The program's interface surprised us. We'd tested other software by this designer and were unimpressed by the Help files in those titles. In this case, however, the layout clearly defined Karmic Debt and its numbers, so it didn't really matter that the Help file provided no instruction. You merely need to enter your name and birth date to get your karmic reading. The reading consists of your number and its significance. In our case, the definition read sort of like a fortune cookie. It told us whether we had good or bad karma, though we had a hard time taking it all seriously since we gave it so little personal information. We did have fun with the program, though. It didn't offer any special features, which was a disappointment, as something like a chart of our karma would have been neat. Regardless, this program provided a good time, if not an accurate reading of supposed past lives.

MB Karmic Debt Number is freeware. It installs desktop icons without permission and leaves behind folders after uninstalling. While we didn't take it too seriously, we felt it was good fun, and we still recommend it.

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