Challenging card game

Discover all the fun of Spades.

Championship Spades All-Stars is a simple program that makes it no trick to learn and play the classic card game Spades. It's a great game for players of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to top-level competitors.

The program's interface was a treat, packed with professional-looking graphics, basic commands, and, best of all, a tutorial. This onscreen teacher laid out the rules and strategies of Spades so that anyone could follow. We were able to immediately jump into game play, first by choosing our partner and opponents, and then by choosing between the five variations of Spades. Play was smooth. We made bids and collected tricks by clicking and dragging our mouse. The program's virtual opponents, all of whom were advertised as having different skill levels, were challenging and unpredictable foes, making the game much more realistic than we'd anticipated. We enjoyed having the ability to compete anywhere within novice and expert levels. Its Hint button will deliver specific advice whenever you're stuck. At every turn, this is a challenging, fun way to play Spades.

Championship Spades All-Stars has a trial limitation of 10 uses.

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