Helpful Hearts game

Play and learn Hearts with this simple program.

DreamQuest's 100% Free Hearts Card Game for Windows provides excellent tutorials and smooth game play that make it easy for anyone to enjoy this classic card challenge. Every angle has been considered to make this free game software fun and challenging for newcomers and experts alike.

The program's interface offers the first clue that this is an excellent piece of software, with its professional-looking layout and its fantastic tutorials. The tutorials' text-based instructions lay out every rule, from making a trick and scoring to defending against your opponents. Thanks to this instructional aid, you can jump right into playing. There are five variations of Hearts to choose from. You can choose your opponents from a cast of several dozen virtual players with different skill levels. Game play is fast and fun. You control everything with your mouse. You'll be able to follow the game easily, thanks to the layout, which is cartoonish but fun. The program also provides a neat feature that gives you a hint whenever you're stuck trying to make a trick.

Overall, we felt this program's tutorial and various skill levels made this an inviting game of Hearts for players of all expertise levels. 100% Free Hearts Card Game for Windows is a free program. Thanks to its insightful tutorial and challenging skill levels, we recommend this for Hearts fans of all abilities, or for anyone thinking about taking it up.

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