Simple card game

Learn an Australian card game classic.

DreamQuest's 100% Free 500 Card Game for Windows is an excellent teaching and playing program for this classic Australian game. With helpful tutorials and professional play, you can quickly master "500," a blend of spades and euchre that is Australia's national card game.

The program's interface instantly won us over, even though we had no prior experience with 500. Its colorful, professional design was matched by a fantastic tutorial that taught us the rules and nuances of the game. This single-human, three-computer-player game was quick to pick up and fun to play. We enjoyed choosing between a few dozen opponents with different skill levels so we could stay constantly challenged, as their play was full of almost human idiosyncrasies throughout the game. During game play, we were able to draw cards, bid, and score all by using the mouse and a little knowledge. We instantly enjoyed playing and had no trouble following the action. One interesting feature was the program's different settings. While Australian Rules was the traditional form, it offers four other styles to choose from, each with equally helpful explanations of the rules and techniques. With its great looks, smooth play, and in-depth tutorials, this is a great game for card lovers.

DreamQuest's 100% Free 500 Card Game for Windows is a freeware program. Its excellent tutorials and simple game play make it a great program. It's ready for Windows 7, too.

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