Simple Rummy game

Play several variations of Rummy with this easy game.

DreamQuest's 100% Free Rummy Board Game for Windows is a simple way to play and learn Rummy, the classic card game. With a fantastic tutorial and excellent gameplay, this is a great choice for card players of any skill level.

The program's interface immediately made us comfortable, even though we'd never played Rummy before. It has a professional layout, albeit slightly cartoonish, yet the effect was fun and not distracting. The onscreen tutorial was great. This extension of the Help file taught us the rules and strategy of the game, such as melding a hand, runs, and what happens with the dreaded Deadwood. Gameplay is customizable, starting with five different versions of Rummy. You also have the ability to choose between 24 variously skilled opponents. We were pleased to be able to slip into a game of Rummy within minutes and even compete seriously, despite a lack of skill and practice. Gameplay is a simple click-and-drag affair, and the opponents keep you on your toes with challenging, humanlike idiosyncrasies. The program has another great feature: a Hint button that doles out advice whenever you're stuck during a game. Thanks to its handy tutorials, various skill levels, and easy play, we could see any card fan loving this game.

We highly recommend this program for Rummy fans or anyone thinking of becoming one.

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