Simple backup program

Save your stuff with this helpful backup tool.

Second Backup is a simple but effective tool for storing information externally. While we initially were a bit confused by its interface, Second Backup proved to be a valuable tool for preserving data.

We needed to make a brief stop at the program's instructional Help file to fully understand the interface. Fortunately, a little reading unlocked the program's secrets. We were quickly able to take complete control, thanks to its simple Wizard-like layout. We immediately set up a Profile, which told the program specifically which files to back up, ranging from a single folder to an entire desktop, and on what device to save them. A mass storage device like a USB stick or external hard drive is the best choice for backups, but Second Backup will handle a range of devices. A pleasing surprise was its ability to schedule automatic backups by day, week, or month. It also lets you choose how many backup copies to keep, which helps conserve storage space. Second Backup quickly and accurately saved all of our data to the selected destination. It also has a neat feature that compares files, which could come in handy if you've made a lot of backup copies and need to determine which copies have specific information. Overall, we were able to overcome some interface issues to fully embrace this helpful program.

Second Backup is free to try for 30 days. It installs desktop shortcuts without permission. While it had a rocky start, its excellent backup ability earns it our recommendation.

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