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Watch your money with this simple financial tool.

Adarian Money for Windows offers to keep your finances in order with a simple setup and surprising options. While it takes a lot of work, it dissects finances so well that it's well worth the effort.

The program's interface felt instantly comfortable, since its rows and columns reminded us of online banking software. Its clearly labeled commands and intuitive flow was never difficult to manage. While the program offered to handle all your financial matters, including checking, savings, cash and even investments, it was a lot of initial effort to set up. We needed to manually enter every cent we owned or owed for our full financial picture. However, the program's Wizard made this as painless as possible with a smooth, professional design that walks you through each step. Once finalized, we could easily access our net worth and overall financial status, thanks to a layout that is much like a bank statement. Adarian Money for Windows needs to be manually updated whenever a withdrawal or deposit occurs, which is a bit of a nuisance, but the crystal-clear picture of our finances made it worth the work. The program is rich with features, too. Our favorites were the mortgage calculator and a calendar that you can use to set reminders to pay bills.

Adarian Money for Windows has a trial limitation of 50 transactions. It leaves folders behind after uninstalling. While it requires a lot of manual data entry, we were impressed enough by the results to recommend this program.

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