Take command of files

You're in charge of your files with this powerful utility.

Total Commander is a file manager that functions similar to Windows Explorer, but with two fixed windows side by side like file managers for DOS. You can use Total Commander to search, copy, rename, zip, and organize your files. Total Commander has a built-in FTP client, so it can organize files on your home computer while also being able to transfer files to a remote server. Users who create Web pages will find this feature to be one of the program's great benefits.

We're accustomed to viewing and exploring data on our computer with Windows Explorer, so we had to go through a bit of a learning curve to understand what Total Commander does. The interface is basic and has a similar structure to an FTP client. Though we weren't familiar with the program, we've used FTP clients before, and that knowledge helped us get Total Commander up and running. You can use it to search for files and to rename multiple files at once. It features a command line prompt for users who prefer that type of workflow.

This is a 30-day trial version of the software. It installs with no problems, but when we uninstalled it, a 64.9KB folder was left on our C drive. Total Commander is a robust application, but it's more suited for the advanced user than the novice. Programmers and others who are familiar with DOS will be right at home with Total Commander, but everyday users will likely find this program too complicated to use.

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