Cityscape wallpaper

Enjoy a cityscape on your computer's desktop with these photos.

This wallpaper features a photo of a silhouette cityscape, shot at an angle from the 37th floor of the Millennium Towers building in New York. The Wallpaper: Cove Towers download includes a wide-screen and regular version of the photo, as well as thumbnails of each photo and a Read Me file that contains information about the location and technical aspects of the photos.

We appreciated that there was a wide-screen version of the photo because our computer is wide screen, as are many contemporary computer monitors. We encountered no difficulty accessing the photos included in this download, but we were not satisfied with the overall quality of the photo. The angled composition of the photo is distracting and cliche. If the primary subject of the photo is supposed to be the silhouetted cityscape, then the photo should have been framed so the cityscape filled up more of the frame. The sky in the background is washed out and the resolution of the photo is not very clear. We tried to view the metadata for the photo, but it was not accessible. This photo was probably not taken with a professional camera, and if it was, then the resolution was compromised. When viewing the photo on our computer screen, it was pixelated and just not very attractive.

Wallpaper: Cove Towers is free. There is no Help file included. These photos are designed to be used as wallpaper for your desktop, so any problems encountered can be addressed with a visit to your computer's Help file. If you are not picky about photo composition or quality, this wallpaper will fit the bill. But if you're like us and enjoy using sharp, clear photos as wallpaper, skip this download.

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