Mediocre file management

Get common file management tools with this unimpressive program.

Useful File Utilities is a basic file management program that allows users to perform a variety of functions to keep their files organized. Although the program contains helpful tools, it's not entirely intuitive.

The program's main features are organized into five tabs: Browser, Finder, Renamer, Replacer, and Batch Replacer. All of these are fairly self-explanatory, and work as one would probably expect. The browser option has a two-pane display, allowing users to browse to different locations on their machines and move files between the two. The browser also contains what the program calls a basket drive, which allows users to create a list of links to files; we didn't fully understand this feature, and found the program's Help file to be somewhat poorly written and unhelpful. Overall, we found that the program contained many features that are common to similar file management programs, and those features were fairly intuitive and worked well. The features that were less common, such as the basket drive and a poorly explained plug-in capability, were not intuitive or well-described, rendering them not particularly useful. This places Useful File Utilities solidly in the "average" category; it works fine, but there's nothing outstanding about it and there are many similar programs available.

Useful File Utilities is free to try but has a nag screen in the trial version. It comes as a ZIP file but installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program with reservations; it's worth trying, but there are better options available.

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