Yakkers, rejoice

Significant improvements to YouMail for iPhone makes the visual voice mail application mush more enjoyable to use. The service itself remains robust.

YouMail's visual voice mail service adroitly blends voice message management in the cloud with an on-phone in-box for hands-on filing. After authorizing YouMail to handle your voice mails, you'll be able to view those messages in any order from the app's in-box. Contrast this to the traditional method of calling an access number, inputting your PIN, and listening to your messages in chronological order.

After a disappointingly rudimentary initial offering, YouMail has boned up on the navigation and activities that users can do online. It now has push notification for new messages, the ability to delete messages, and a new activities ribbon that lets you play, file, reply to, and forward messages. Also to its credit, YouMail for iPhone retains its flagship ability to personalize greetings to all or individual callers. You can record a new message from the phone and upload it into your master list of greetings. Being able to upload your phone contacts into your personal YouMail database so that YouMail can correctly recognize and identify callers is the time-saving icing on the cake.

The app makes upgrading to the premium voice-to-text transcription feature available from YouMail messages.

YouMail's service continues to works well. We recommend it to those looking for flexibility in how they listen to messages, but especially to business professionals or socialites who receive a steady stream of incoming messages.

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