Intuitive system tools

Get easier access to many features Windows already has with this well-organized program.

Systerac XP Tools is a suite of Windows XP enhancements that allow users to improve the looks and performance of their machines. Although many of the program's tools are things that people can complete on their own from within Windows, the program does have some useful features.

The program's interface is sleek and well-organized, with tabs for Clean, Fix & Repair, Optimize, and Other Tools. We did find the language used throughout the program to be somewhat unprofessional; whether this is due to poor English skills or general carelessness, we're not sure, but phrases like "Search information about the currently user" are common. As far as features go, much of what the program does can be accomplished in other ways. In fact, the best thing about this program may be that it takes various functions that are available in Windows and organizes them in one place, making it much easier to perform maintenance. Many of the program's features are things that people would typically find in the Control Panel or System tools, including defragmenting, uninstalling programs, and disk cleanup. We tried to use the program's Accelerator feature, which promises to "accelerate your PC and improve the speed of your hard disks," but we got an error message. The program has a Help button, but this takes users to the publisher's Web site, where there's an overview but no actual help.

Systerac XP Tools has a 14-day trial period. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to people who'd like easier access to many things Windows already does.

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