Basic puzzle game

Don't expect too much excitement from this no-frills puzzle.

Tams11 Fathom is a challenging puzzle game in which users must correctly guess the colors and order of four balls. It's not bad, but we feel that it could easily become tedious and boring, given the fact that it really only does one basic thing.

The program's interface is plain and dated-looking. The publisher's description likens the game to the board game Mastermind, which we had never played, so we had to consult the game's Help file to figure out how everything worked. The computer chooses a combination of four colored balls, and users have to "break the code," or figure out that combination, by guessing and using a series of clues. Users get hints indicating whether they have the right colors in the right order, the right colors in the wrong order, or the wrong colors. Using the hints, players get twelve chances to try to crack the code within two minutes. Users can either play on their own or download the separate Tams11 Lobby in order to connect to other players. The game was easy enough to play once we consulted the Help file, but we didn't find it particularly fun. We admit that this is partially because we don't really enjoy this sort of puzzle game, but we also feel that we may have enjoyed it more if it were nicer to look at or if it had any fun additional features.

Tams11 Fathom is free. It installs politely but leaves a file behind upon removal. We recommend this program to all users; although it wasn't our cup of tea, it works fine, and other users may find it enjoyable.

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