Geometry study application

Understand formulas for angles and figures, thanks to this easy-to-use application.

If you need help with geometry studies, this app may be just the assistance you're looking for. Tutors and homeschoolers alike will find features to appreciate in this easy-to-use tool.

GEUP launches a screen-size window, with an editing pane that takes up most of its space. This pane is edged along top and its left side with a row of icon-stamped buttons. Although the icons may initially intimidate novice users, familiarity will increase with practice. Students can't necessarily learn geometry by using the tool alone, but using it in connection with a textbook or study guide will certainly accelerate their understanding of the geometry concepts, thanks to the visual features this tool includes. And the colorful icons will facilitate that learning. This nifty app performed very well during our tests. It responded quickly and was very simple to use. We liked the included options for constructing, measuring and calculating, and transforming geometric figures, which allowed us to build on each learning session. We liked the array of features included for determining a variety of elements--such as locus, segment, area, slope, and so forth--and we especially appreciated the animation feature that allowed us to record the steps for later demonstrating a process. Additional features, such as selecting line and fill colors for figures, enhance the teaching process.

The Save and Print features are disabled in the demo version. The price may scare off some users, but the features are robust enough that homeschoolers may find singular value in this tool.

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