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Monitor all aspects of a small business with this tool.

Small Business Tracker Deluxe provides a wide array of tools for managing a small business. However, its cluttered design leaves a lot to be desired.

We were initially excited that the program opens with a tutorial. While informative, this also worried us because we discovered how cluttered and amateurish the interface was. We were eventually able to operate each tool successfully, but we never felt comfortable because this random collection of commands left us wondering if we'd missed any options. The program offers a ton of seemingly helpful small business tools, from invoice creators and trackers to billing tools, expense tracking, a calendar, and even a word processor. However, they all use the same cluttered, white-on-gray layout and are a pain to navigate. They do their jobs well enough after you've invested a good deal of effort, and, surprisingly, the invoices the program produces look fairly professional. Where Small Business Tracker Deluxe falls short is in features. It offers a few but omits what we consider to be key features, such as a calendar alarm system or a spell check for the word processor. While it's nice to have all the tools it offers in one place, the program's design is so poor that it's probably easier in the end just to download separate utilities designed specifically for tasks like invoices, calendars, and the like.

Small Business Tracker Deluxe has a 10-day trial. It installs desktop icons without permission. Because of its poorly designed layout and lack of essential features, we can't recommend this program.

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