Tax form manager

Fill out practically any U.S. tax form with this program.

Tax time is always just around the corner. Software maker 1099 Pro's Enterprise Edition provides a smooth way to fill out practically any U.S. tax form and print it off. With a simple layout and impressive choices, this is a great program for frequent tax filers.

Large command buttons and intuitive flow characterize the interface. Navigation is smooth and easy, with no need to consult the Help file. A surprise was that the program didn't just offer the popular 1099 tax form. A drop-down menu offers seven different tax forms, though the program lived up to its name by providing 14 different versions of form 1099. Each form was easy to fill out. A digital version of the form appears on screen, a familiar process much like other online forms and documents we've filled out before. When you're finished, 1099 Pro provides a printer-ready version, though the trial version leaves a logo watermark. The program's only really special feature was an option for filing online, but you have to buy it to use it, and the IRS has other online filing options you can explore. Overall, a familiar feel and plentiful choices make it a great tool for employers who regularly fill out tax forms.

The free version applies a watermark to all documents. It installs desktop icons without permission and leaves folders behind after it's uninstalled. We recommend 1099 Pro Enterprise Edition because of its ease of use and options. It's free to try but $499 to buy, but it may be tax deductible.

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