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Check your paycheck against this helpful tool.

Breaktru Payroll 2009 offers a simple calculator to check deductions, taxes, and more to ensure that a paycheck is accurate. For those willing to input all the data, this is a fantastic way to double check finances.

We initially thought we wouldn't need the instructional Help file, but were soon perplexed by how to input our rate of pay, which oddly wasn't included on the otherwise well-labeled interface. Luckily, we were quickly on track with a little bit of reading and experimenting. The program was laid out and worked very well, asking us for simple data that could be found on a paystub, like hours worked, deductions, federal and state tax rates, and even tips. The program instantly and accurately added all of our numbers together and provided a glimpse of our gross and net pay. The program's best feature was its ability to save and tally up our yearly pay. We were happy with this program's ability to help anyone calculate their precise pay.

Breaktru Payroll 2009 has a 10-use trial. The program comes as a compressed file and installs desktop icons without permission. Though we were initially confused by the interface, this program quickly proved itself to be an apt pay calculator and a good download that we recommend.

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