Digital coloring book

Color a variety of vehicular pictures with this program.

Coloring Book 11: Trucks and Things that Go is a digital coloring book with easy controls; children will be making colorful images in no time.

We found the program's interface to be well-suited for young computer users. The color palette and tools to choose a new image were big and obvious. We cycled through five well-drawn outlines of boats and trains and trucks, but couldn't access the bulk of the program's reported 50 pages because of its trial limits. The ones we saw were easy to fill in, using a generous selection of colors that circle the image. The coloring tool was a simple point-and-click paint brush that dealt with smaller details well. The program's best feature was a selection of buttons along the top that express dozens of different variations of green, blue, and red. The program was a breeze to operate and we were confident that any computer-savvy child would have a good time.

Coloring Book 11 has the aforementioned five-image trial limit. It installs desktop images without asking permission and leaves folders behind after uninstall. This program will be a blast for young colorers and we recommend it.

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