Body status calendar

Track your body's rhythms and astrological importance with this tool.

Dynamic Biorhythms provides a tracking tool for monitoring the body's biorhythms. While its layout verges on overload, the program provides some interesting information about yourself.

The program's interface was terribly cluttered, trying to include several monitoring tools on a single screen. However, a visit to the incredibly insightful Help file, with its definitions of functionality and terminology, set us straight. The only thing that was not clear to us, and therefore kept us skeptical, was what source this biorhythm information comes from. Regardless, entering our birthday and sex revealed an incredible amount of detail. We were able to easily see a colorful flow chart for the day's biorhythm measuring our physicality, intellectuality, and emotional state. This was interesting, especially scrolling through future dates to see how our body would be behaving. In addition, the program squeezed in windows featuring moon and sun cycles, an I-Ching Hexagram, and our zodiac signs. While this was a great deal of information, it didn't really feel as necessary as the biorhythms. The program's best feature was its capability to test the compatibility between two people and show where their strengths and problems are in regards to biorhythms. While the program could have cut some of its added options, the actual biorhythms were interesting, though we were skeptical of their accuracy.

Dynamic Biorhythms has a 21-day trial. It comes as a compressed file. While its layout is cluttered, we enjoyed learning about our biorhythms and recommend this program.

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