Worthless astrology program

Learn absolutely nothing about the Scorpio personality with this pointless software.

MB Scorpio Astrology Software provides a detailed look at the supposed characteristics of people born under the Scorpio star sign. Although the program does provide a lot of information, it's not very well-written, and we don't know that it's particularly accurate.

The first thing that concerns us about this program is the fact that it doesn't really need to be a program at all. It doesn't do anything. There aren't even any buttons to push or options to select; the program requires no user input whatsoever. All it does is give information about the supposed Scorpio personality, which can easily be found elsewhere on the Internet or in books without the trouble of downloading a separate piece of software. We might be able to forgive this if the content of the program weren't so patently ridiculous. One choice example: "Scorpio females are often referred to as 'ice maidens', because of their natural ability to perfectly hide their own emotions." Really? That's funny. We've never heard them referred to that way before. Also, "they often can seduce a person by their very eyes, and dress to kill their mate." In a ski mask? Seriously, this stuff is ridiculous. Neither skeptics nor people who take astrology seriously will find any value in this program.

MB Scorpio Astrology Software is free. It installs desktop icons without asking and leaves a folder behind upon removal. We do not recommend this program; better versions of the same information are widely available online.

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