Basic color healing

Expose yourself to the healing energy of colors with this simple program.

We always have a hard time taking Mystic Board programs seriously because no matter how useful the content is (and it's usually not very useful at all), the programs' interfaces are always crammed full of advertising. In fact, most Mystic Board programs are nothing but thinly veiled advertisements, with the bare minimum of content and features. MB Color Therapy surprised us by having quite a few different features, although the cluttered, unattractive interface remains.

MB Color Therapy is based on the premise that certain colors have certain psychological effects. Even if this is true, we cannot vouch for whether the creators of the program actually based its design on relevant research or if they just made everything up. But if one wants to assume that the color associations in the program are valid, we suppose that the program has the potential to be effective. It does manage to utilize colors in a variety of different ways. The program starts by describing the negative and positive characteristics of each color in the visible spectrum. Users are then invited to enter their birth date to find the color that is associated with their sun sign. The rest of the program focuses on staring at blank screens filled with a certain color in order to expose oneself to that color's energy and enjoy its healing effects. There are screens for relieving stress, meditation, and healing particular maladies. The program is easy to use and the online Help file provides basic instructions.

MB Color Therapy is free. It installs desktop icons without asking and leaves a file behind upon removal. We recommend this program to all users.

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