Impressive puzzle game

Solve a variety of visual puzzles in this high-quality game.

Wizard's Pen is a high-quality puzzle game in which users must identify objects by viewing bits and pieces of images and completing other visual puzzles. The professional graphics and variety of puzzle types make this game highly entertaining.

Wizard's Pen is published by SpinTop, a division of PopCap, which never fails to impress us with its games. The premise of the game is that a wizard has disappeared, and users must solve a variety of puzzles to find out what happened. The main component of the game is a puzzle in which users click on a blank page to reveal a small square of an image. Correctly identifying the object in the image using the least number of clicks results in a better score. Because users must type in their answers, we were concerned that we'd be needlessly penalized. Who knows if the program wants us to call it a guitar or an electric guitar? Fortunately, the game's creators have done a good job of anticipating these sorts of issues, and points are awarded even when the answer isn't perfect. The program has no Help file and a lot of things that users encounter in the game are unexplained, but that's part of the fun; users have to figure out each new thing they encounter. Overall, we enjoyed both playing this game and looking at its impressive graphics; it's easily among the best available.

Wizard's Pen has a 60-minute trial period. It installs bundled applications without asking and leaves them behind upon removal. We recommend this program to all users.

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