Mediocre crossword

Don't expect much from this twist on the classic puzzle.

Crossword Puzzle is a basic word puzzle that purports to be a twist on the classic crossword. Unfortunately, the program's weird clues and lack of options make it somewhat disappointing.

The program's interface is pleasant enough, although we immediately noticed that the program contains no options, settings, or Help file. The program displays a crossword-style puzzle, but with a twist: users can only view clues by mousing over the word in question, and doing so blacks out the rest of the puzzle. We suppose that this could add an extra challenge to the game, but we didn't find this feature to be particularly interesting or challenging.

If that were all the program did, we might view it as a simple variation on the traditional crossword, but there are a few things about this game that really rubbed us the wrong way. For one thing, many of the clues were simply ridiculous. The answer to the clue "The quality or state of being organized" was "organization." Really! It wasn't just that the puzzles were easy; it was as though the clue creators only had a vague idea of how crossword clues are written. Additionally, there were places in the puzzle that words were directly adjacent to other words, but the creators didn't bother to make words and clues for both down and across, resulting in portions of the puzzle filled with gibberish. Overall, we found the program to be poorly thought-out and not particularly fun.

Crossword Puzzle is free. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We do not recommend this program; there are much better word puzzles out there.

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